Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

LA LA LAND " Movie "

    On early januay i went to saw " La La Land " movie special screening at mid night time in my city

MY GOD i love that movie so worth it , honestly everything about it blew my mind then i realize i just found my new favorite movie

This movie for me worth the hype , such a masterpiece from young director , full art , genius , unexpected

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Beyond Amazing  ( i always love emma stone by the way and i think she got snubbed on oscars back in 2015 for supporting actrees / this year she probably got her revenge lol )

La La Land is a movie about dream , and at the same time a movie about reality . a great musical in modern mix classic way , the movie about hope and also dissapointment ( talk about the ending huh ?)

The real reason to heart " La La Land " is actually that it's a sad typical , because so realistic movie about how driven people aren't always good at staying together ( ugh just mad at me if you think this is major spoiler HA )

Already so many fan & critics for this year awards season with well deserved historical sweep on golden globe for amazing musicals

Let wish oscars can be next ..

With total 14 academy awards nominations let just hope at least la la land can win 7 .

i had truly magical theatre experience when first saw this movie so memorable..love it or hate it
-- last but not least for sure from this movie you guys can learn " Don't Stop Dreaming " !!!!!

Ps ; loving the album soundtrack too..

Jumat, 30 Desember 2016

New Year !!

It's hard to believe we only have one days left in 2016 !!! and it's the time for that " new year new me " kinda bullshit lol .. ( well at least  give some credit for wish it like that ) amen then ..

Some of you take some time during these few days to reflect on previous resolutions and come up with some goals for the year ahead .

So do you thought of your new year resolutions yet ?

What specific word from this list you will focus & significance for you ?

Love , Work , Joy , Self Control , Education or what ? ( do you have  anything else in mind or you just typical fuck off resolutions just let it flow )

i tweeted like this the other day " For the new year i don't care about anything else other than working at the better place " ( i guees it's make sense since i decided to start over on the new year ) and let's just hope the rest of good things will follow

Self Control also most important , because this year ( let's be real ) did not end exactly like i wished and i don't have anyone to blame but my self, so i want to control the way i think and change the way i act in a good way ..

Chatted with one of a good friend the other day that " too many low lows in 2016 " so we hope 2017 hope works for us - enough is enough for flat desperate kinda things .. Haha

But still in the end who knows what 2017 holds .. we can only guess and hope ..but ( please noted this ) i do know this we are worth it so let's go living life 2017 ..


Sabtu, 12 November 2016

quarter life crisis

This is the first and probably last kinda personal post that i made this year , see the picture i may look so happy there but you guys should know everyone can fake a smile right ?

i don't know life lately is kinda depressing , already end of the year but life is still just okay , mean while at this age i want life is great and amazing .

Sometimes looking of some of my friends they look so happy and enjoy life so much ' , i'm like think is it true ? or they mostly just like me holding the pain inside .

i know reading this post , some of you think ? omg ichal stop being ungrateful bitch just do and live your life ? ( believe me i know that ) just back to the tittle , i really think  im at this phase of life called " quarter life crisis " being 25 like you want everything settle & balance .

i hope is normal being in this situation and i can feeling and everything ,one by one getting better so soon..
on december this year i decide to quit my job after 4 years i think is enough for me and for some intern and also personal reason is really better way for me to go out there and find something good .

about the job things i try so many times  this past 3 years but i keep failed or sometimes the job is not match for me is just not my luck i knew , let just wish 2017 could be my year and is going to be my luck ...

all i can think of while writing this is "some people was born to be rich and some of not " ," people really are different " thank you so much for taking time read this stupid and kinda non sense blog of mine , i wish you guys a great life

in the end please know i still grateful had a family and surrounded by some of good friends who loved and knew me , and nothings wrong for wish a better life :)

Sabtu, 24 September 2016

Friends ( TV Series ) Marathon

Hello guys ..

lately i've been doing " friends " marathon emmy & golden globe awards winning comedy . tv series that famous with highest rated and so beloved shows ( p.s i'm a little to late for this thing right ? lol )

i have to agree with so many people tho ' ...friends was one of the best tv comedy ever out there , with it's outstanding genius writing and signature characters

watched friends got feelin make you want flirt like joey ( Matt leblanc ) Dress like rachel ( jennifer aniston/ for man have her good taste of fashion lol ) clean like monica ( courteney cox ) live like phoebe ( lisa kudrow ) care like ross ( david schwimmer ) and joke like chandler ( matthew perry )

my favorite character for man is chandler & rachel for woman ( how about you guys ? ... )

don't you guys think these six friends are your own , the laugh and frustrations that come with being young and ( omg single ) in the city ? ahhaha

we have grown to love the characters and what happen to them and the humor is so universal so much fun ..

and the soundtarck " i'll be there for you is so on point " and the fact that this show can last for 10 season is just wow ( okay and fans screaming for reunion and movie please ..lol ) even the cast now is so old ( except for jennifer aniston god swear that woman never age )

i'm doing friends marathon at least 3 episode/ day so far ( while i'm writing this ) i'm on season 5 and ofcourse i will keep continue watching , i even save some my favorite episode ( in case i will rewatch it later ) as a good memories

This show is so legend , for sure i know and ever heard about the story here , there , every where and i've been want ( so much ) to watch it and finally it's about time i can enjoy the show ..it taught us friendship love and loyalty  

now i really get it why this show is so popular and beyond happy about that amazing experience doing " friends " marathon ..

well see you guys for the next blog post .. thank you for reading and visit xx

Sabtu, 11 Juni 2016

Snapchat , Rosiehw , John Mayer

Hello blog ( my second post this year ) ..

Talking about snapchat .. ( the new so hit social media )

Snapchat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application lets you easily talk with friends, view Live Stories from around the world, and explore news in Discover. Life's more fun when you live in the moment!

FUN  : yeah for me snapchat is such a fun app looking for your friends / Celebrity stories catch up on their photo video post ..

My self on snapchat : at first i download the app just because " rasa ingin tahu" i mean penasaran juga kenapa sih app ini ramai sekali then im like oh seperti ini di awal tanpa tahu menggunakan aplikasinya ( cuman beberapa hari nah habis itu tahu ji ;) ) dan beberapa teman belum ada yang main appnya dibiarin kosong lihat story juga yang lagi trend doang ..

and then add beberapa artis liat story mereka and then come my idol join snapchat Rosie & John Haha so this time around i want to share some of their post story on snapchat ..

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : an English model an actrees with username on sc : rosiehw

rosie is one of beauty model you should follow on snapchat . why ? those endless selfie , her beuatiful face , she's taking us to back stage at her work , photo and video of her pet  ...

And sometimes her love life " jason statham "

And the most important thing is for woman she also doing make up tutorial & cooking things on snapchat and trust me she's hillarious too oh party girl lol  with silly karaoke or just being silly with her friends :) gotta love rosie .

And now let's talk about JM snapchat ...

John Mayer  : My favorite Musician under the username "JohnTheKangaroo." 

his snapchat game is so strong such a wonderland to follow those end less selfie ( out door & in door ) adding him make you feel glad ( specially if you idolzeeee him for sure ) one time he sing " leaving on a jet plane "  i keep repeat the story because it was so good ( best 10 seconds of my life )HAHAHAHA

He's bloody comedian how is that man 38 and so creative on snapchat lol

His vacation post always great too so artsy ..

The man love snapchat even one time he tweet ( see you on snapchat where classic rock lives ) / ( kinda miss him on twitter & periscope tho' ) go follow him you won't regret it .

Okay people don't take yourself seriously when on snapchat is the thing snapchat is taking fun to whole new level my slef even ended up had so much fun there a few my good friend also did

Follow me : user " rizalhasli "

See you ...

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2016

Kate Winslet & Leonardo Dicaprio ( Kleo )

First of all let me say happy new year to you guys better late than never since this is my first blog post of 2016 :)

Early of the year known as awards season and i'm all about kleo ( kate winslet and leonardo dicaprio ) this year award season " they both nominated  " kate winslet for her supporting role on  steve jobs and leonardo dicaprio for his lead role on the revenant ..

just  friendly reminder we go way back they both star on phenomenal movie  " titanic (1997) / (kate winslet nominated for oscars ) " & then they both did "Revolutionary Road (2008 )/ ( Kate winslet won best actrees on motiion picture drama)"

Through the process and time flies they both keep being good friend for each other and let's be honest the best part of the awards season 2016 was Kate and Leo being super cute together

their adorable Friendship are center of attention during awards season with their strong chemistry people still got that feeling they should been a couple ( omg look how titanic effect for us and it just hit me we are so old now hahahaha ) 

Fact they're best friends for 20 years in real life supporting each other leo even walk kate down the aisle for her third wedding on 2012 !!

They both kicked off the 2016 awards season on golden globe

when they both won ( yay ) that hugged soon went viral and people went crazy

then SAG award..

SAG is the moment when kate honest to the reporter that she's been focused on leo win every thing this year

And Yes Leo won later that night and wow she run to hug kate before got that trophy ( how sweet )

Then they're ( together ) again on BAFTA

BOTH won and well deserved !!( this is kate 3rd bafta and first for leo )

And then the most and high important award "the oscars "

Both arrived and spotting each other on the red carpet ( make a perfect photo moment for all the photographer and fans of course )

And finally after 6 time being nominated LEO won that !!! ( and did you know kate won her one and only oscars after 6 time being nominated too she won on 2009 for her role on the reader )

So it makes KING leo & QUEEN kate known as an oscars winner ( hope they both will win again and again soon  )

Kate so proud of leo when the oscars she even tearfully when leo give his speech !!!

" Friendship is one of the most beautiful things on history of humanity " let's all remember that

Hope they're still and always keep contact each other and the friendship is going strong and better than ever because i love them ( and pretty sure some of you did too )

team #kleo all the way <3
( i'm gonna miss awards season tho
because they're both love their life being private so the photo of them is kinda hard to find )


Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

end of november and early december ( balikpapan - bulukumba )

hello guys ..

last time i post here it's august omg 3 months pass without posting anything here ( saking flatnya ya hidupnya ga ada yang bisa ditampilkan lagi hahahaha ) atau saking sok sibuknya !!

oh iya akhir november kemarin saya terbang ke balikpapan ( kota kecil namun canggih dan bersih sekali i gotta admit that )pergi kesitu dalam rangka wedding sepupu

 sekalian family reunion sih udah jarang ketemu juga senang sekali it was a good time

oh iya disana sempat nonton bareng my seperhaluan sister di the premiere loh .. ( so basicly duluan ad premiere disana ) di banding makassar yang baru ramai sekarang hahaha canggih ya ! 

i spend 5 days ( 4 night in there ) 3 malam di hotel dan semalamnya nginap di rumah sepupu karena mau pulang midnight hahahaha 

congratulation to my sister semoga berkah rumah tangganya cucu ke 2 ( almarhumah ) nenek puang kami akhirnya nikah juga 

one other thing make me amaze with this city is omg bandaranya sumpah keren gini nih pantas dikatakan bandara internasional so go green 

Back at my home town "makassar" seminggu beraktivitas normal seperti biasa time to hit another wedding ( ( early december 4 till 6 )kali ini teman kuliah  dan daerahnya bulukumba ( bagi yang rutin baca blog ini hahahaha soknya pasti tahu ini sudah kali keberapa saya kesana ) tapi syukur selalu saja ada objek wisata terbaru yang bisa dikunjungi dan di explore ( oh i love balikumba) :)/ tambah koleksi photo toh dek' ahaha

i spend 2 days one night in bulukumba kali ini sempat ke beberapa objek wisata bagian bawah apparalang , pantai kasuso , pantai lemo lemo , dan pantai marumasa sikat beberapa objek while attend wedding 

anyway selamat buat teman saya evhy yang selalu excellent service tiap ada teman kuliahnya berkunjung ke bulukumba 

and thank you so much bulukumba for always be a good memories and always pleasure to visit till next time ..