Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

LA LA LAND " Movie "

    On early januay i went to saw " La La Land " movie special screening at mid night time in my city

MY GOD i love that movie so worth it , honestly everything about it blew my mind then i realize i just found my new favorite movie

This movie for me worth the hype , such a masterpiece from young director , full art , genius , unexpected

Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Beyond Amazing  ( i always love emma stone by the way and i think she got snubbed on oscars back in 2015 for supporting actrees / this year she probably got her revenge lol )

La La Land is a movie about dream , and at the same time a movie about reality . a great musical in modern mix classic way , the movie about hope and also dissapointment ( talk about the ending huh ?)

The real reason to heart " La La Land " is actually that it's a sad typical , because so realistic movie about how driven people aren't always good at staying together ( ugh just mad at me if you think this is major spoiler HA )

Already so many fan & critics for this year awards season with well deserved historical sweep on golden globe for amazing musicals

Let wish oscars can be next ..

With total 14 academy awards nominations let just hope at least la la land can win 7 .

i had truly magical theatre experience when first saw this movie so memorable..love it or hate it
-- last but not least for sure from this movie you guys can learn " Don't Stop Dreaming " !!!!!

Ps ; loving the album soundtrack too..

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